A Great Location

A great location is only determined by the quality of relationships that’ve been created by Harry's 5 years agoyour establishment in the community.

In 1945 the address of 9903 Gulf Drive was created. Over the years it has been many things since the end of WWII.

A Real Estate office, Video Rentals, Ice Cream Shop, Beer and Burger joint but at last now – Harry’s Grill!

Harry's 7 years ago

But what’s so special about a great location?  Well, for one its visibility. How can people find out what a wonderful service or function you provide to the community if they don’t know where you are? Visibility makes all the difference in the world.

Ease of accessibility. How easy or difficult is it to get to your great food or service?


Harry’s could not be easier to get to. For one the Anna Maria Island Trolley stops just across the street from Harry’s.

How convenient is that. You can have fun and not worry! The Trolley will take you home from Harry’s!

And lastly, is it close to an area where your service is sought after. We certainly have it covered there. From the most incredible omelette you will ever enjoy for breakfast (day or night) to our blackened Mahi Mahi. Not to mention an exhaustive array of craft and draft beer as well as imported Italian wines. Frequent entertainment as well as the array of guests will create the kind of environment you will never want to leave.