Wacky Wednesday



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Starting January 2016 Harry’s Grill is featuring AMI radio as our Wacky Wednesday Hosts. Wednesdays are our “open mic” nights on the north end of Anna Maria Island. Our quaint little venue will not only be featuring aspiring musicians from everywhere but some surprize guests that you may already know. Not only will you be entertained but you will be participating in live broadcasts every Wacky Wednesday Night.

AMI Radio is currently reaching over 10,000 daily listeners averaging 4.2 hours each, Anna Maria Island Radio is the area’s only station for independent musicians to air their original songs. Learn more about radio rates and show sponsorship. for More information please email casey@annamariaislandradio.com.

Sundays are Hallelujah Brunches

Hallelujah Brunch1This September we started a new tradition at Harry’s Grill – Hallelujah Sunday Brunch! Jan and I are very excited about creating an event every week where people of faith can gather and share the love of their savior Jesus Christ in an environment that is somewhat NON-conventional.

The buffet breakfast is accompanied with Christian music and a worship time to sing as a group. Every week we will have a short 15 minute message to encourage and lift up your spirits. So please feel free to come check us out, all are welcome and the food is for donations only.

The House is a Rockin’

Here are just a few faces of those who have kicked off Harry’s Music presentation. If you are a musician and want a shot at playing our place please stop by and ask for Mark or Jan. We would love to meet you. If you know a talented singer that is playing in town let us know their current location so we can meet them. Thanks – Mark and Jan

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It’s Déjà vu all over again

PierAre you one of the special people who have been coming to Anna Maria Island for as long as you can remember? Or are you here for the first time because you were told about how wonderful a place it is. In either case Harry’s Grill and Bistro is hoping to bring back the fond memories while helping to create some incredible new ones.


You may remember  visiting Ginny’s & Jane E’s back when it was the old IGA and you bought your milk eggs and bacon! But things continue to change. Now you buy your eggs and bacon cooked!

So if you are looking for a place to create a brand new generation of memories for yourself and your children…COME TO HARRY’S GRILL! It will always be your last stop for great food and music on gulf..or did I already say that? Well there you go, déjà vu all over again.