The third time’s a charm they say…

This apparently seems to be true for relationships as well as business. Jan and Mark Labriola met on Match.com 4 1/2 years ago and the world has not been the same since.

We met in Texas, Jan had her own Mortgage company, Taylormade Mortgage, a thriving mortgage company with three offices in East Texas and I was the National Director of Safety for (now dissolved) Centex Homes the nation’s largest homebuilder for 50 years.

The crash of 2008 took both our companies down within two years and left us both looking for another way to  make our mark (so to speak).

Jan has always been an entrepreneur while I made my way through the corporate structure. But now that we were together  I decided the corporate thing was for the birds and it was time to march to a different drum and Jan had a beat I could not refuse.

So, we decided to sell everything we owned, buy an RV and make our way to Florida to start a new life in 2011. Through a miraculous chain of events we were given an opportunity to purchase 10 acres of pristine forest land on the Peace River in Arcadia. From there, we ventured out west (west Florida that is) to chart a path into real estate investing. Within two months of landing in Arcadia we began our search for the right property. Almost immediately we  were presented with an opportunity to purchase the old Magnolia Inn on Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach. We landed a contract and began our due diligence, established funding and were absolutely astounded at how easy it was to roll into town and secure one of the best deals ever imagined. But not so fast…within a week of closing our funding source suffered a 20 million dollar default and couldn’t fund. That left us having to make the difficult decision of pulling out of the deal which automatically left an opportunity for one of the many back up offers and now the “Island Time Inn” is a distant memory and a blessing to another fine entrepreneur on Bridge Street.

After licking our wounds we continued searching for that special opportunity and after much trepidation  found ourselves presented with another great opportunity; the “Back Alley” on Bridge Street. Well needless to say after an emotional roller coaster that went on for a while I must admit, for us anyway, that the second time was NOT the charm.

But now after making a plethora of wonderful friends who have been with us through thick and thin on our Anna Maria Island adventure we have finally landed at our final (for now) destination Harry’s Grill at the end of Gulf Drive on “the north end” of Anna Maria Island!

We look forward to meeting you and REMEMBER if your name is Harry or Harrietta and you can prove it. You get one free draft beer of your choice… surprise!

So why not start a new generation of memories at Harry’s and tell all your friends about the last stop for great food on Gulf!

harrys nite3      IMG_0112 IMG_0113Hallelujah Brunch1